So don’t diss the online world, ladies.

So don’t diss the online world, ladies.

You will make a fantastic initial connection online, but when you DO, get the ass for some queer-owned cafe and meet-up in real world, since they require our company while the internet — I REPEAT: the world-wide-web IS CERTAINLY NOT AN ALTERNATIVE for a genuine life hangout. Though sometimes If only it absolutely was since it’s a great deal more straightforward to toss a filter to my face than paint it with makeup products, but that’s a individual issue.

2. Athletic Clubs

Look, I’ll acknowledge it: we hate recreations. I’m TERRIBLE at recreations. And personally i think extremely isolated within my un-athletic existence that is lesbian. In fact, I’ve been pitching “The identification Crisis of Being a Lesbian Who Hates Sports” for months now, but no editor is apparently involved with it (hint, hint Trish Bendix).

But also I force myself to go to women’s sporting events all of the time though I get heart palpitations entering any sort of soccer field (PTSD from gym class. You realize why? They’re teeming with queer girls, honey. Hot, strong, badass queer girls unafraid of having hit into the face by having a softball! Where do we register? Sweaty sexy derby girls, whizzing around on roller-skates, their locks flapping behind them —t hey’re the coolest that is fucking on earth. They have a tendency to own style that is great are superb during intercourse too. Soccer girls? Therefore hot, therefore good, so friendly, therefore tough. Whom does not desire to watch a lot of fresh-faced ladies kick around a soccer ball? I’m sure I Really do.

And lesbian athletes aren’t just like the male that is terrible in twelfth grade; those greasy-faced males whom wandered around all entitled, jeering at the blondes, being all creepy. Continue reading “So don’t diss the online world, ladies.”